Day: February 3, 2017

InstCon16 | Reinvent the Wheel With Open Educational Resources

x We thought the wheel couldn’t be improved upon, then came a design that rolls faster and smoother. Tried and tested course materials can also use some whittling. There’s always room for improvement. Explore Canvas Commons. Learn how we can share resources and feedback to innovate. Come by to hear s’more. Video Rating: /...

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Online Learning: Open Educational Resources Trailer

x The Open Educational Resources trailer gives an overview of the topics covered in the four interviews. Issues addressed include; The OER value proposition (economic, pedagogical and social) How to construct an Institutional and National OER Framework The benefits of OER for; students, teachers and institutions OER implementation challenges; outcomes, effectiveness etc. SPEAKERS: Cable Green, Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons (A) Paul Stacey, Associate Director, Global Learning, Creative Commons (B) Quill West, Open Education Project Manager, Pierce College David Wiley, Chief Academic Officer, Lumen Learning FURTHER INFORMATION AT: WWW.ONLINEEDUREPORT.ORG Video Rating: / 5 x...

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