Day: February 10, 2017

Google for Education Level 2 Certification Bootcamp on Air and Q and A

x Join +Sandra Chow +sean williams +Kate Petty and more to chat about the Level 2 Certification Exams! +Google for Education Level 2 Certification is required to apply for the +Google for Education Certified Innovator Program. Need some tips for getting your Level 1 and Level 2 Certification prior to the May 10th application deadline? Join us to review the Training Center and ask any questions you have! RSVP here and we’ll send you an invite! First 10 folks are welcome to join us on air in the Hangout to ask questions. Video Rating: /...

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Is Technology a Positive Force in Enhancing Student Learning?

x Is technology a positive force in enhancing student learning? This debatable topic engages all educators, past, present and future, as it asks the question of whether or not technology in the classroom can be an effective tool, or just a hyped up, distraction. Yes, technology is an engaging and interactive tool, which offers convenience and creativity, but to what extent? Has it just been over-developed as a socialising tool that hinders education and the development of students skills such as proper literacy capabilities, attention and student motivation. We have presented the issue, let’s debate and aim to better...

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Should I Go to Art School or Take Art Classes Online?

x Will Terry children’s book illustrator talks about his online school SVS and where he teaches at UVU and the benefits of both traditional art school and piecing your education together online. x TSPSC/APPSC ONLINE CLASSES IN TELUGU MEDIUM FOR GROUP 1 , GROUP 2 , GROUP 3 , GROUP 4 AND ALL OTHER COMPETITIVE...

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