Day: March 5, 2017

Software and Resources for Students

x A guide on how students can download different softwares for free, how to access and engage with forums, a presentation of the Design for Autodesk Challenges and, finally, Autodesk resources for ‘‘F1 in Schools’’ and other...

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An Easier Way to Cut (Teaching Children With Special Needs)

x MORE SPECIAL NEEDS TIPS & TRICKS: CRAFTS & ACTIVITIES: So, your child tends to have some trouble when it comes to cutting things out. Who doesn’t at some point or another? Grab a highlighter, a marker, a crayon – you can even make it your kiddo’s favorite color, for that matter. To tell you the truth, though, I have always had the best luck with green or blue highlighter. It’s probably just me. So, before you present the activity to your child, go ahead an highlight the lines you want your little one to cut on....

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Free Online College Education Programs Online Degree Programs 2017

x Free Online College Education Programs Online Degree Programs 2017 Video Rating: / 5 x online college, online universities, online degree, online schools, distance learning, nursing schools, rn degree online peen university,online correspondence school, online spoken english courses, help speak spanish, online master degree, online university, nursing degree, colleges, online bachelor degree adult summer courses,online classes, nursing degree online, degree, engeneering degree online Video Rating: /...

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Law Education Best Articles

x Law education best articles 🙂 The leagal news about legal issuses in education including articles commentaries and special features. Please support my channel by leaving like,comments and rating the videos you watch. Thank...

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