Day: March 7, 2017

Top Five Math Strategies for Teaching ELLs

x Ms. Tran’s top five strategies for teaching math to ELLs. x When it comes to teaching math, some students need to be able to relate to math a make some sort of connection. Make a connection with math to money when teaching life skills students with help from a math teacher in this free video on teaching mathematics. Expert: Jimmy Chang Bio: Jimmy Chang has been a math teacher at St. Pete College for nearly a decade. He has a master’s degree in math, and his specialties include calculus, algebra, liberal arts, math and trigonometry. Filmmaker: Christopher...

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x TEACHING TIPS: This is a variation of how to play “Lucy Locket” where students pass the pocket on the beat. At the end of the song (“only ribbon round IT”) the person with the pocket puts it behind their back. Everyone else in the circle also puts their hands behind their back, and the person in the middle gets three changes to guess who they think has the pocket. The person in the middle chooses the next person to guess. (This works better than having the person with the pocket be the next guesser, because then they will...

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