Day: March 8, 2017

Dumbing Down America – What Has Happened to Education?

x Dumbing Down of America: What has happened to the education system? “Any review of a typical elementary school textbook printed before 1910 shows dramatically that students were learning mathematical skills that few of our current students know anything about.” – The Liepzig Connection “A 1990 survey of college seniors showed that 42% couldn’t name the dates of the war between the states to within a half century.” – Dumbing Down Our Kids Something’s wrong. Are kids dumber now than they were 100 years ago? And if so, why? Dumbing down is the deliberate oversimplification of intellectual content within...

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Design and Development of Educational Technology | MITx on edX | About Video

x Design and Development of Educational Technology Enroll at: This project-based course explores educational technologies and the theories underlying their development through interviews with experts in the field. Register for Design and Development of Educational Technology at About this Course To be effective, educational technologies must be designed based on what we know about how people learn. Through interviews with multiple experts in the field, this course examines educational technologies, outlines the theories that influenced their development, and examines their use. The course leads up to a final project – a kickstarter style pitch for a new...

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