Day: April 9, 2017

Teachers and Technology

x x If you’re dealing with a television, an old VCR, a DVD player, a smart board, a computer…it will not work if you don’t do a practice run through. Before your class, make sure your TV works, it’s on the right channel, you can turn the volume up or down. Don’t rely on students! They will jump up in mass to help and make a big mess. If you can’t get the TV, DVD player working, as the teacher next door. Video Rating: /...

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Introducing Environmental Print Series – Special Education Teaching Resources

x Environmental Print Series, is a comprehensive, standards-based language arts curriculum for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Fully scripted, the program integrates forms of environmental print such as road signs and indoor signs into the story lines of books about adolescent characters. It includes a wide variety of manipulatives that allow students to demonstrate comprehension and content mastery. Video Rating: /...

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3 Emerging Technologies in Education

x 3 technologies emerging in education are discussed Video Rating: / 5 x It’s simply magic. SMART kapp iQ™ is a new UHD display for education – and also a simple whiteboard – that enables natural real-time, multi-way collaboration. Using their mobile devices, students can contribute to on-screen content, from anywhere. Learn more: Welcome to a new era in education. Imagine if learning could be as intuitive inside the classroom as it is outside it.   What if students could explore topics together, inspiring each other to express shared creativity and stimulate collective curiosity using multi-way collaboration tools that...

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