Day: April 28, 2017

Amazing Technique for Teaching Reading to an LD-Dyslexia Student.

x Watch a 2nd Grade girl with severe learning disabilities (LD) learn to read in 12 minutes using the ReadingKEY program. This no-nonsense approach to reading instruction uses a series of memory tricks to dramatically improve the ability to learn new words. Unlike other reading instruction programs, ReadingKEY puts all energy into being able to fluently read the essential reading vocabulary from most-common to least-common. Watch instructor Richard Pressinger almost “give-up” after 8 minutes, but then the lights go on for this amazing little girl! The program can be tried free of charge at Subscribe to us on...

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Real Gift – Distribution of Education Supplies in Congo

x People in Need helps improve the level of education at schools in the Kitutu area in the east of Congo. Thanks to Real Gift, the distribution of education supplies is secured in this area. Provided supplies are not solely for children but also for teachers, to help them improve the quality of their teaching methods and make learning more interesting. A donated map of the world, a picture of a human body and a bilingual dictionary are a few examples of donated supplies to assist teachers. x Susan Mullis is the adapted P.E. teacher for Barrow County schools....

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Webinar | Learning Trends Series 2016 — How to Take Advantage of Learning Technology Trends

x Through the advent of cloud-based learning technology, an unprecedented wave of innovation within the learning & development industry has emerged in recent years (Social! Mobile! MOOCs! xAPI!). However, even though organizations now have access to more advanced features than ever before (with industry experts exhausting untold webinar hours discussing these important new technologies), LMS dissatisfaction paradoxically remains at an all-time high with many organizations struggling to execute on basic learning objectives. In this practical call to action, GP Strategies HCM Technology Solutions Account Executive Brian Dillon reviews several key innovations occurring within cloud-based learning platforms, with a specific...

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