Day: May 9, 2017

Technology Integration in the Elementary Classroom

x Works Cited Cooper, J. (2014). Classroom teaching Skills (10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Retrieved April 2016, from Foundation, G. L. (2007, November 6). Edutopia. Retrieved 2016, from Edutopia: Murphy, K. L., DePasquale, R., & McNamara, E. (2003, November). Meaningful Connections. Beyond the Journal , 9. Retrieved April 2016, from Video Rating: /...

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Investing in Business, Education Protects Parks

x Protecting a nation’s natural biodiversity takes more than designating a parcel of land a national park. Investing in business and education is helping preserve a World Heritage site in northern Ethiopia. Faith Lapidus reports. Originally published at – Video Rating: /...

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Center Hangout- Reflections From @ONE Online Teaching Certification Graduates

x In this Hangout on Air, Anna Stirling, the @ONE Certification Coordinator, will joins Michelle Pacansky-Brock to share a brief overview of the program. Then we engage in a conversation with three program graduates: Vicki Curtis, Charlie Judson, and Rica Young. The graduates share their experiences about the program, how it changed them as educators and learners, Vicki shares an excerpt from her certification ePortfolio, and the panelists take questions from the live audience. This Hangout features: Vicki Curtis -Associate Professor of ESL, Ohlone College, Coordinator of the ESL Listening/Speaking program, Ohlone College Charles Judson – Adjunct instructor, Water...

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