Day: July 4, 2017

Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice / LibreOffice

x MS Office is the most popular office productivity suite, but unless your business provides it to you (or you pirate it), it costs a lot to get. Does the free & open source competition measure up? Follow me: Watch the second episode of my new Revision3 OS.ALT show to hear my opinion on how Microsoft Office 2010 compares to OpenOffice & LibreOffice. These are considered among the crown jewels of the FOSS movement, so check it out! Everyone loves free software, right? Resource and Download Info: Libre Office: More videos: Fight for the users...

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Choosing NYU’s Teacher Education Program

x Robby Cohen, Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning gives an overview of the Teaching and Learning program at NYU Steinhardt. x TechTeach is the Teacher Education Program at the College of Education at Texas Tech University. TechTeach is a clinically-intensive, competency-based program that will prepare college students to become effective K-12 teachers. Candidates begin working in classrooms in the first semester, and work closely with their mentors to improve their students’ performance throughout the program. Learn more about TechTeach: Key Features of TechTeach: – Specific framework for developing effective teaching behaviors using the TAP Rubric – High...

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Study Hard! – Student Motivation

x Our sponsor Blinkist is a time-saving app that summarises the core content inside non-fiction books into powerful packs you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes. Learn the essential ideas from the best books in your field, from productivity to business to science. Try now for free: ___ Subscribe for more and activate the bell (next to the subscribe button) to receive notifications. ___ Like us on Facebook to stay motivated during exams: Instagram: Twitter: ___ This motivational video is for all students with exams approaching. I hope it motivates you to...

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