Day: November 16, 2017

About JSerra’s Student Resource Education Program (SERP)

x JSerra Catholic High School has developed the Student Educational Resource Program (SERP) to support students with documented learning challenges. SERP recognizes the need to provide a learning environment which fosters growth and supports the individual needs of all students. SERP is one segment of an academic support team which encourages and supports collaboration to create an environment in which all work together for the common good of each student. Video Rating: /...

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Anil Nair’s Powerful Inspiring Speech on “Great Teachers Don’t Teach “.

x According to me – A teacher not only teaches a Subject , but also teaches the students how live life. Every morning when I entered into the 4 walls of a classroom ,I could feel the rush of adrenaline. There was a new found excitement in life. I kept asking myself – ” What next, What more and What else ” . I wondered why I had evaded this profession for so many years. So I focussed on taking education beyond Academics. I truely believe that a classroom is not only a ” Temple of Learning ” ,...

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