Day: November 22, 2017

Art of Teaching: Best Practices From a Master Educator I the Great Courses

x Try a free trial of The Great Courses Plus and watch the course here: Teaching is more than a job. It’s a responsibility—one of the greatest responsibilities in civilized society. Teachers lay bare the mysteries of the world to us. They train our minds to explore, to question, to investigate, to discover. They ensure that knowledge is not lost or forgotten but is instead passed on to future generations. And they shape our lives in limitless ways, both inside and outside of the classroom. But teaching is no easy task. It’s an art form; one that requires...

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CNN Student News CNN 10 October 31 2017

x CNN Student News CNN 10 October 31 2017 ———————————————————————————– ✔ Special thanks for Donate: ✔ Get NEWS and learn english with English Subtitle! ✔ SUBCRIBE: ✔ Twitter: ✔ Fanpage: ✔ Source: ✔ Student News Anchor: Carl Azuz. ✔ A lot of thanks to Student News team and Carl Azuz. ✔ Don’t forget SHARE and LIKE to support us! ✔ IF you have any question, please comment below this video. We will try to answer soon. Thank you. Video Rating: / 5 x English subtitles: Subscribe my new channel for update new video:...

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Supercharging the Classroom: Using Technology to Support Personalized Learning

x Sal Khan founded a school on the same principles of personalization that drove the success of his YouTube tutorials. Learn more: Learn more about Khan Lab School: Learn more about Khan Academy: Video Rating: / 5 x A teacher and student from Winton Woods Academy of Global Studies are testifying in Columbus about the need for better technology in the...

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