Month: November 2017

Education Psychology – Teaching Methods -Child Development and Pedagogy – | Shiksha Manovigya |

x Please watch: “Educational psychology part – 26 1st grade 2nd grade reet btet ctet and all compitetive exams” x -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- child development and pedagogy in hindi Aagaman-nigaman vidhi online psychology degree,psychology courses online,psychology online,online psychology schools,online degree in psychology,psychology degree online,educational psychology courses online,online educational psychology,educational psychology online degree,educational psychology degree online,educational psychology online,online psychology courses,educational psychology textbook online,online educational psychology degree, शिक्षण विधि , आगमन- निगमन विधि। UPTET 2017 AND HTET 2017 REET 2018 REET 2018 Video Rating: / 5 x Nicodemus recognized that Jesus was a teacher come from God. Jesus was unquestionably the greatest...

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Leading a Learning Community

x One of a series of Technology for Professional Learning videos: Leading a learning community requires leaders to consider the question – What do we know and believe about learning? Our purpose must always be collective growth – moving all learners in the building. Non-judgmental dialogue about practice, in relationship to learning, is critical if we want to see change at the school level. To open up the conversation, ask the question – Is what we are doing, giving us what we want? Follow-up questions may include: How do we know? What is our evidence? As we work towards...

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x BEST ONLINE MASTER’S IN EDUCATION PROGRAMS WHY ONLINE???ONLINE EDUCATION PROGRAM ES IDEA Graduate students complete a capstone or thesis project as a demonstration of the knowledge they developed during their studies. These typically take the form of a research project, academic paper, or presentation aligning with the student’s concentration and career goals. Capstone projects are supervised by a faculty member and reflect intensive...

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