Day: December 4, 2017

Living/Learning/Leading in a White Water World – John Seely Brown

x Trends in Society and Information Technology Distinguished Speaker Series John Seely Brown Chief Scientist Xerox Corporation (Retired) “Living/Learning/Leading in a White Water World” Friday, October 14, 2016 Adapting to a world of exponential changes means that, in addition to taking on the hard socio-technical challenges, we need to also deeply question our institutional architectures, our public policies, and forms of learning. And all of these are entangled. Indeed, new deep learning systems, as seen in autonomous vehicles, for example, raise fundamental ethical issues while they also influence and enable new behaviors and social practices. This means, that as...

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Is a Computer Science Major Worth It?

x x – In this video blog I talk about the importance of a web design degree. I also get into what programming languages will make degrees more important....

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x CLICK HERE FOR PART 2: In this Q&A, I cover: 0:26 Do you need to speak Chinese? 1:02 What credentials/experience do I need to teach in China? 1:56 Did I feel safe in China? 2:51 What are schools like in China? 3:14 How do I apply to a teach abroad program? 4:32 How has my time abroad changed me? Have you ever considered teaching abroad? Leave any questions you have in a comment below, and I’ll answer them in a future video! Subscribe for new videos every week! – LET’S CONNECT – Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:...

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