Day: December 10, 2017

Smart Classrooms and Modern Methods of Teaching

x Watch in the program: 1. Aircraft of the future, a camera that identifies the chemical compounds of different substances and wind power generators are in our review; 2. Smart classrooms and modern methods of teaching of the new generation are actively used now; watch a report from Almaty; 3. Solar power in Kazakhstan. Find out about current issues in this sphere of energy from our...

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This Is the Year: Our One Chance Inspire (Inspiring Video for New School Year)

x This year we have the once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire our students. We change lives. Wanting to give back and encourage my educational family I spent two weeks this summer producing this video with the help of family, friends, students, and teachers. Every year teachers put their whole hearts into shaping young people. So as this new school year approaches, we say again, “This is the year.” –Dominic Pettine MA Ed Music by Dominic Pettine Video Rating: / 5...

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7 Best Online Masters Degree || Masters Online Degrees

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