Day: January 14, 2018

Health Technology

x Mohamed Hamdy Gade looks at the leatest technology in the health sector. He looks at a new device which displays the heart in 3D and a new innovation in the US which will help analyse and find cancer cells in the blood. Video Rating: /...

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Online Graduate Certificate in Behavioral Intervention in Autism

x Learn about UMass Lowell’s award-winning Online Graduate Certificate in Behavioral Intervention in Autism. Early behavioral intervention is key in the successful treatment of autism. UMass Lowell’s Department of Psychology, in collaboration with the UMass Medical School’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, has developed an online, graduate-level Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate Program. Students may pursue either of the following two program options: The Behavioral Intervention in Autism Graduate Certificate, The Behavioral Intervention in Autism Graduate Certificate with Coursework Preparation for the BACB Board Certified Behavior Analyst Exam. Courses are taught by expert behavior analysts from around the country who...

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The Teachers Are Back in Action! | Teachers on TV Land (Season 2)

x Miss Bennigan gets out of a sticky situation, Miss Snap teaches tube top theory, and Miss Cannon is caught in an awkward position. Catch up with the teachers and watch new episodes of Teachers, Tuesdays at 10PM EST! #TeachersSeries Subscribe to TV Land: Subscribe to Teachers: Catch up on the TV Land App: Follow Teachers: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: YouTube: TV Land: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: About Teachers: Teachers is an educational series where six elementary school teachers try to mold young minds, even...

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CNN Student News – 04/29/16

x The complicated war in Syria, a dive to the Marianas Trench, a proposed U.S. national mammal, and the most common noun in English are all part of today’s show. x An apparent exodus of Puerto Rico, a controversial cruise to Cuba, and an interview with a former prisoner of North Korea are all covered this Tuesday. Video Rating: /...

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