Day: January 18, 2018

Learner-Initiated Style-J Learning Focus / Spectrum of Teaching Styles

x The learning focus of the Learner-Initiated Style is to acknowledge a learner’s motivation and cognitive initiation to design his/her own learning experience. In this style an individual learner initiates a request to engage in this T-L relationship that shifts the complete learning experience to the student, including making of all decisions, the specific topic to investigate, planning, and implementation decisions, and evaluation criteria. The student’s role is to keep the teacher informed about the decisions made in the learning experience. The Institute is dedicated to the improvement of classroom learning through the understanding and implementation of quality alternative...

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Tutorial 5 Software Factory How to Build Student Information System Automatically

x Tutorial 5 Software Factory How to build Student Information System automatically x Brief look into eduTrac SIS. eduTrac SIS is the most advanced, open source, all-in-one student information system on the market for for schools, colleges, seminaries, and universities. eduTrac SIS has all you need in order to manage your institution’s daily tasks and routines. eduTrac SIS is more than a system. It’s data, at your fingertips! For more information, check out the main website at as well as the online user manual at Video Rating: /...

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