Day: March 3, 2018

What Kind of Education Is Required to Be a Teacher?

x Elementary teachers hold bachelor’s degrees in education, while high school have a subject area although the specific education requirements for becoming teacher vary by state, all states require that public some might also choose to work with students online courses. Every aspiring k 12 educator can enroll in a 4 year bachelor’s degree program education to become teacher. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for licensure. Requirements to be a teacher what kind of degree do you need teacher? Study. Googleusercontent search. Individuals who are interested in teaching middle or secondary school typically also major the subject...

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Advancing Early Childhood Education Through Data and Mapping

x There is overwhelming evidence that high-quality early childhood education has considerable and lasting benefits on children, families and society, fueling efforts around the country to increase access to quality early learning. With Race to the Top, the subsequent growth of statewide quality ratings systems, and the movement towards universal pre-K, there is growing emphasis on strategic planning around early childhood education. PolicyMap’s popular Mapchats series continued on June 15th from with a panel of leaders in early childhood education. Panelists shared their stories about using data and mapping to improve access, target resources and make better early childcare...

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