Day: May 2, 2018

Teach Away – Teach Abroad in Abu Dhabi Public Schools

x Teach abroad in Abu Dhabi! Teach Away Inc is seeking qualified teachers to teach in public schools in Abu Dhabi. Teachers can gain international experience while immersing within a fascinating culture. Candidates should be experienced, professional and enthusiastic. For more information, and to apply, please visit the following link:​content/​teaching-public-schools-abu-dhabi Video Rating: /...

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Students Write Letters to Gov. Ducey Asking for Teacher Raises

x Valley students delivered letters to Governor Ducey asking for teacher raises Monday. Video Rating: / 5 x Learn about Piedmont Virginia Community College Student Services that ensure student success, such as the Student Government Association, Childcare Center (YMCA), Counseling, Disability Services and Student Life & Activities. For more information, see Video Rating: /...

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Robert O. Brinkerhoff – Making L&D Matter : Learning Technologies 2013

x Learning’s future role We know that the L&D department does a great job in building skills, but that may not be important. Are we building the right skills? How do they help the business? Is expressing our role in terms of skills even useful? In this session Robert O. Brinkerhoff, master of the success case method of showing the value of training, argues that that is another way to make learning part of the business, something that will embed L&D into the organisation’s fabric. From cost-centre to ‘must-have’: making L&D matter Robert O. Brinkerhoff, Professor Emeritus, Western Michigan...

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The Future of Online Education

x HE Jim Shelton:Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education Anant Agarwal:CEO EDX Dino Varkey:CEO GEMS Can one imagine a school-free society ten years from now? A society where kids no longer need to go to school to acquire knowledge? In this session, the panel of experts will discuss the future of online education in light of the increasing ubiquity of digital information and e-education. They will also share the most recent innovations in the education sector, and how those innovations are going to reshape the future of education. سعادة جيم شيلتن، نائب الأمين العام لوزارة التعليم –...

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