Day: May 15, 2018

Top Online Colleges for Teaching Degrees in 2016

x The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the need for elementary school teachers to increase at an average of 12% through 2022, and the need for high school teachers to grow at a slower than average rate of 6%. A career as a professional teacher in public and most private schools requires at least a bachelor’s degree, with advancement and pay increases generally tied to either an advanced degree or teaching experience. A typical classroom teacher’s day is divided between classroom and non-classroom duties. Classroom duties include instruction and other interactions with students. Non-classroom activities include lesson planning, student...

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MOTIVATION2STUDY’s BEST of 2017 – Best Motivational Videos for Students, Studying & School

x Our BEST Motivational Videos of 2017! As move into 2018 we are looking back at our best videos of the year in preparation for the new year! These motivational videos are created to motivate students to study for exams, work hard, and fight feelings of depression. —————————- —————————- ►Subscribe to Tom Bilyeu’s channel for more amazing content: ►Subscribe to Freddy Fri (mrplayya1000): —————————- ►Subscribe for a New Motivational Video every Sunday: ►2nd channel: If you aren’t yet getting notifications for our weekly video, hit the bell beside the subscribe button! —————————- 🆕WHAT’S NEW! January...

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For Teachers: How to Use Excel to Analyse a Test Given to Students.

x Last year I wrote about analysing a grades book on my blog – This video is a follow up 25 minute video walking through the entire process of analysing a test or exam that has been sat by a class (or classes) of students – containing multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions. Starting with a blank worksheet, the entire process is demonstrated – from setting up the data headers, entering the data, using formula to calculate summary results, and then using sorting with conditional formatting to produce a heat mapped Guttmann progression. Finally, a nested...

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Accredited Online High Schools – NFC Academy

x At NFC Academy, they offer fully accredited programs for kindergarten through high school. You can select from our online program for grades 3-12, or book program for k-5. For admission details, log on to website: Video Rating: /...

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CNN Student News – 1/3/13

x The U.S. government backs away from the fiscal cliff, a new Congress gets to work, the Dead Sea Scrolls go digital, and a YouTube phenom scores an NFL tryout. Video Rating: /...

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