Day: May 17, 2018

Early Virginia Deaf Education: A Little Bit of Deaf History

x Compare the before and after photos with the video Kathleen Brockway visited the Cumberland Church in Farmville, VA where the 4th Deaf educated school was located. Schooling took place in 1818 to 1821. Some of the Deaf students have attended there: Albert Bolling, Mary R. Bolling, Marcus Flournoy, Virginia Weisiger, Jane C. Davenport, John Hancock, Martin Hancock, Anthony Hancock and more. Kathleen Brockway is currently working on the early VA Deaf Education more than 200 years ago signing BSL and LSF. Kathleen’s credentials are on She is also currently a professional Deaf History researcher for ASL Rose...

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Master of Education, Educational Technology Emphasis

x The Master of Education with Educational Technology Emphasis has become a popular education degree program for teachers looking for supplemental classes on how to incorporate more technology initiatives into the classroom. These graduate education programs will qualify teachers for a computer applications...

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Top Online Colleges and Universities

x The number of students enrolled in distance education courses continues to rise as learners choose flexible online programs for finishing degrees, changing or boosting their careers and acquiring new skills. In addition, the Best Online Programs for Veterans are ranked for the fourth year. To be considered, a program must first rank within the top 75 percent in the 2016 Best Online Programs rankings. Video Rating: /...

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