Day: June 20, 2018

Is Free Education a Reality?

x Tertiary education, like healthcare, is a basic service which should be free and not treated as a commodity, and that is a view taken by South African tertiary students. From the images we see it looks like the country is not in a good place, this follows an announcement by the Department of Higher Education to hike the fees by up to 8% in the coming year. This comes after the country learnt that South Africa’s institutions have dropped in the Global QS Ratings due to international perceptions. We are joined by Professor Ahmed Bawa, he is the...

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How to Learn More About Hinduism | Hindu Education Resources

x If you are watching this channel, that means you have some interest in Hinduism. So where to go to learn more about Hinduism? In this video I explore just some of the available resources to you to start your journey into learning about Hinduism. Links: Hinduism Today: What is Hinduism: Purna Vidya Vedic Heritage Teaching Program Rajiv Malhotra —————— FOLLOW ME: Youtube Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @shawnbinda ——————– Sound Effects: x SolidWorks has many resources for educators and students, contains 1000’s of components to use in your assemblies from...

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Difference Between Alternative Certification and Traditional Teacher Programs

x C Emily Feistritzer, President CEO, National Center for Alternative Certification discusses how alternative certification programs have impacted traditional teacher programs and how alternative and traditional teacher programs differ. To learn more about alternative teacher certification visit x Click here to submit your application Video Rating: /...

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Dalai Lama’s Guide to Happiness

x This video looks at ‘Buddhism and Happiness’, as we ask are they a match made in heaven or something else? This eight minute epic reveals some incredible insights into human behaviour and values that impact our happiness, particularly in this materialistic Western life so many are living, or reaching for. The Dalai Lama’s talk is from his ‘the quest for happiness’ public talk in Adelaide during his ‘Beyond Religion’ tour in Australia. While we would have ideally used footage of Tibetan monks in this video, we were unable to and instead used footage from our recent trip to...

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