Day: July 7, 2018

How to Prepare for College! (What to Do Before Freshman Year of College)

x Here’s how to prepare for college! Just some things I recommend you do in the summer before you start college! I hope these tips help you! All of my college videos: I’m Hailey, a 19 year old college sophomore who uploads college lifestyle videos every week! My videos range from outfits of the week, morning routines, night routines, college advice, what I eat in a day/week, and more! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to keep up with my videos! 🙂 *Credit to JanTube for the subscribe “green screen” Video Rating: / 5 x Hello, In today’s video I am...

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Connectivision – Digital Technology Teacher Tips

x Teacher Blog – Educational Technology. Today’s Blog is a quick little vlog about some educational technology that I’m currently excited about. I started reading When by Daniel Pink. Pink is best known for his book on what motivates people called, Drive. This book is about the science of timing. So far, I am enthralled with all the evidence he is presenting. I am also excited about a new Microsoft app called Seeing AI. It was developed during a recent hackathon and assists the visually impaired. It can recognize people and their moods. It can read text too. The...

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Vassar Panel on Online Education

x Teaching with Technology in the Liberal Arts: Present & Future – a panel discussion Wednesday, October 24, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York. A panel of Vassar faculty and students presented diverse perspectives on the use of technology in the curriculum, including online instruction, “flipped classroom” practices, distance learning systems, and their potential impact on our campus. Moderator: Steve Taylor, Director, Academic Computing Services Panelists: Ben Ho (Economics Department), Tom Ellman (Computer Science Department), Sarah Cheng ’13 (Committee on Academic Technologies) and Matt Harvey ’13 (VP for Academics, Vassar Student Association) Video Rating: /...

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