Day: July 11, 2018

Student Resource – Design an Ethogram for a Primate Behaviour Study

x This video has been made by as a resource for students to practice designing an ethogram for use in a study of primate behaviour. Accompanying notes, and further resources can be found at Note, this is not a complete record of capuchin behaviours – far from it! This video shows a selected few behaviours and variations of them that will demonstrate the importance of defining and coding behaviours carefully before a study. If you use this video for a class it would make us very happy! Please tell us by leaving a comment or sending a message....

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21 Best Medical Universities & Colleges

x THE LIFE OF A UNIVERSITY Online teaching online courses education best education learn online best universities in the world Harvard University Stanford University Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) University of California at Berkeley University of Cambridge Princeton University California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Columbia University University of Chicago Oxford University Yale University University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Cornell University University of California at San Diego University of Washington University of Pennsylvania Johns Hopkins University University of California at San Francisco Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) University College London best, medical, universities, colleges, university, medicine (field...

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