Day: August 6, 2018

How Can Teachers Start Using Technology?

x Find out more: Nicky Hockly, Director of Pedagogy for The Consultants-E and author of Focus on Learning Technologies, offers her advise to teachers who are interested in using learning technologies in their classrooms. Video Rating: /...

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Teachers Reveal What They Hate About Their Jobs #WhatIHate

x Teachers are so important to this country. Jimmy thinks it’s our job to listen to them to find out what we can do to make their lives better. So we reached out to teachers and asked them to tell us what they hate about their jobs. Here’s just some of the responses we received. The next group up is the I.T. people of America! We want to know the funny things you dislike about working in technical support. Record yourself complaining about your job and post it using #WhatIHate in your title so we can find it. Be...

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