Day: August 20, 2018

Technology for Teachers and Students

x This is a teacher vlog about technology. This is my first unboxing video and today I will be unboxing the Ipevo IW2 Wireless Whiteboard system. It has been a long and winding road with this company but in the end, this is a nice product. I appreciate the follow through of their salesman, Nathan Downey. Laguna Niguel, Ca – My name is Darin Nakakihara. I am a Youtuber from Orange County, Ca. This is a teacher blog about my adventures as a 4th grade teacher at Beacon Park School in the Irvine Unified School District. Let’s be friends:...

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x I receive this question a lot: what is the best degree or education path I should take if I am planning to teach English in Japan after I graduate college or university? Without much thought I used to respond by saying it doesn’t really matter as having a degree is all these beginner companies are looking for. But I have come to realize that mindset totally ignores if someone wants to live in Japan and evolve past that first job into something potentially more fulfilling for whatever reasons. In this video I discuss the how your education will...

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FANUC Certified Education Programs at Oakland Technical Schools – Northwest

x For more information on FANUC America CERT education programs, please visit Video Rating: / 5 x In our undergraduate education programs, you’ll set foot in the classroom your freshman year. Meet elementary and special education alumna Megan Falce ’17 and secondary education English major Deanna Harris ’18. Help us caption & translate this video! Video Rating: /...

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