Day: September 25, 2018

College Preparation Program

x Want to find out more about MPCT or know when the next Award Ceremony is taking place? Visit our website to find out more! ( This video shows MPCT learners taking part in the award ceremony at the end of the course. The day is designed to show friends, families and VIPs what skills they have learnt and how they have developed and progressed whilst being at MPCT. If you would like to attend one of our courses and be the next to enlist in to the Armed Forces or progress in to further education or employment then...

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Learn About Open Education Resources

x We support Open Educational Resources (OER) and are working to make many of our resources available as OER. This short video introduces the concept of OER and gives information on how you can re-use, adapt and share our OER. Find our OER at Video Rating: /...

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