Day: September 28, 2018


x Todays video is ALL about how to ace an online class!! I am currently taking an online class and I am DETERMINED to ace it! In the past, Ive had trouble to get up the motivation to do the work for an online class. I always PROCRASTINATED IT and always had that guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach like I should be doing work for it! SO! I came up with some ideas that hopefully will help me get an A+ in the class and hopefully they can help you too! Even if you aren’t taking...

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Indian Child Welfare Act – Educational Resource Video

x Featuring NARF Executive Director John Echohawk and staff attorney David Gover, this educational resource video was designed for state court judges, courts, and judicial educators. Video Rating: / 5 x Exeter Home Education Community are a group of home educating families, with children of all ages, who regularly meet up for various activities, play, outings, study, support, or just for a cup of tea and a chat. Video Rating: /...

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