Day: October 3, 2018


x Dear Students Follow my other talks in the given video links: 1. Inspirational Talks x 2. Study Techniques x 3. Job Skills x 4. Group Discussion Tips x 5. Interview Skills x 6. Personality Development Talks x 7. Communication Skills & Body Language x 8. Inspirational Talks in Hindi x 9. Telugu PD & Soft Skills x 10. Healthy Cookery Recipies x 11. G.K & IQ Quiz x Commerce & Management Subject Talks: 1. Financial Accounting x 2. Business Law x 3. Statistics x

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Teachers React: 5 Bets You Will Always Win

x The Prefects ask teachers to try out some of Quirkology’s “Bets you will always win”. Check out Qurikology’s YouTube channel: Follow us on: Twitter: Instagram:...

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Best Online Certificate Programs

x best online certificate programs in usa x This video is a brief overview of how online teaching certification works through the nonprofit American Board. If you have always wanted to become a teacher, but couldn’t afford to take the time to go back to school, or don’t want to go into debt to start a new career, this is the best path for you! Get certified in less than one year, for less that the cost of one college class, and be in your own classroom by the next academic year. Our self-paced, online program lets you study...

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