Day: February 5, 2019

Teaching Education Degrees

x masters degree online programs, teaching education degrees, education school, education technology, teaching education, education graduate school, college education program, college education, high school teacher education, educational learning, college degree education, school teacher education, online schools for education, accredited college degree online, education primary school, online bachelors education, pre k education, library science masters degree online, education franchise opportunities, college education courses, education leadership degree, free college education, job jobs education, Video Rating: / 5 x The Islamic Teacher Education Program is a one-year online certificate program designed specifically for teachers in Islamic schools. The program aims to fuse...

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Teaching Math With Technology

x Teaching with Technology The technology available today has made a wealth of knowledge available to all of us, which offers great potential for style of learning and teaching. The effective use of any technology requires thoughtful consideration and planning. Teaching and learning benefits depend on when, where, how, and why we use it This preview presents fragments of several sections. You may see one entire section later during 1 hr session. Our presentation is about a unique and innovative approach based on the Socratic method of teaching and learning, enhanced by using technology. As you see, information is...

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Teaching With Technology: Blended Learning and Teacher Professional Development

x Sara Rutherford-Quach, Director of Academic Programs & Research and Hsiaolin Hsieh, Director of Technology, Data and Systems are at the GSE’s Understanding Language ( ), where they use MOOCs as a tool to deliver the content for online teacher professional development. VPTL helped them create a Wiki Facilitator’s Guide to systemically deliver content for districts to learn how to use the MOOC tools in constructing hybrid courses. Listen to what they learned! Video Rating: /...

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