Teachers aren’t just born; they’re taught how to teach. ACU’s Cynthia Powell says podcasting not only reinforces classroom instruction for her student teachers. It also provides a resource they’ll be able to draw from later when they end up leading their own classes.
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Free resources for teaching history with ChronoZoom

ChronoZoom is an educational tool for teachers and students who want to put historical events in perspective. Travel through timeā€”from the Big Bang, to the era of the dinosaurs, to the present day. Explore all of the past across the major regimes that unify all historical knowledge, collectively known as Big History: cosmos, Earth, life, human prehistory, and written human history. Bring history to life by exploring high-resolution gigapixel images, watching lecture videos, or browsing through vast image collections. Take a guided tour with captions and narration right in your web browser. Compare timelines and events from different episodes of history to uncover trends, patterns, and cycles.