– Alex, a Western Governors University Class of Summer 2013 B.A. in Special Education graduate from San Diego, California, grew up in a neighborhood plagued by gangs, violence, teen pregnancy, and other barriers to academic success. He also faced a rare and debilitating vision problem that nearly derailed his education as an adolescent. But Alex was also equipped with something else: A determination to succeed, and the knowledge that education was how he would get there. Today, thanks to WGU, he has his teaching degree, and he vows to use that degree to give back to the community he grew up in, ensuring education is the path to a better future for kids growing up where he did. He runs an after-school program at his local middle school—and last month, the principal of that school offered him a teaching job for the upcoming school year!
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Tyler, a Special Education teacher at the high school level discusses how 1:1 has impacted his teaching and shares his thoughts on classroom management, finding technology and resources, using technology to assess and analyze data, and much more!

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