So, your child tends to have some trouble when it comes to cutting things out. Who doesn’t at some point or another? Grab a highlighter, a marker, a crayon – you can even make it your kiddo’s favorite color, for that matter. To tell you the truth, though, I have always had the best luck with green or blue highlighter. It’s probably just me. So, before you present the activity to your child, go ahead an highlight the lines you want your little one to cut on. Once that’s all set, it’s time to tell your kiddo all about where she’s going to cut, using your finger to go ahead and trace over the outline. Make sure you trace over the whole darn thing, too. That little extra moment or two should take you the rest of the way in turning something tricky into something that could actually be downright easy. I’ve seen it happen!


Mr. Mike is a licensed Special Education Teacher, specializing in working with children from Birth-2nd Grade. He has spent the most time working with 3-5 year-olds with special needs of all sorts including Autism, Aspergers, PDD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Downs Syndrome, just to name a few. Having taught a full class of preschoolers as well as worked one-on-one with children in their schools and in their homes, he has also developed many different tips and tricks to help children develop a love of learning and, most important, of themselves! If you’ve got something on your mind or you would like some thoughts, tips, or tricks, don’t hesitate to get in touch –