Author: Lorraine

It’s Up to You – Motivational Video

x Thank you so much for the support guys. Facebook – Subscribe for regular videos and new content. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Share the message if you were inspired! For more motivational content and the latest updates. Music: Nick Murray (feat. Juliet Lyons) – Aeon” **Please support the artists** Buy Aeon on iTunes: Amazon mp3: Spotify: Sources For Educational Value – Jim Rohn – Take Charge of your life Vanilla Sky – Movie Tai Lopez Youtube Channel Copyright Information: I made this video with the intention to help...

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Support Eureka! Lab

x Let’s rally to create a science video series to give kids their Eureka! moment: Society for Science & the Public is seeking funding to create a free video series to bring real experiments to life on the Eureka! Lab blog, a feature of Science News for Students. There are many science videos showing cool demonstrations, but science itself doesn’t progress through demonstrations. It requires experiments. Join the Society’s Science Education Writer, Dr. Bethany Brookshire, a scientist turned award-winning science writer, as she creates scientific experiments targeted towards students and designed to answer real life questions about the...

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