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What Is Distance Learning? – DistanceLearningPortal.Com

x helps students to find and compare any open, online and distance learning study, while helping universities to effectively promote their study programmes worldwide. Imagine you could study at the best institutes in the world — without leaving your country. Would you be interested? The idea of distance learning is not new, but the offer is increasing rapidly: There are traditional universities, open universities, and online institutes. So what makes distance education different? Well apart from a much higher degree of freedom it is very much like traditional education. It covers all degree levels and subjects, often delivered...

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Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics

x Help the Dog Training rEvolution do more and get better access to me to help you with your dog starting at a month! If you are new to teaching your dog, you’ll want to watch this playlist! A complete step by step guide to teaching your dog or puppy: An intro to clicker training: This is a MUST for anyone new to dog training, or anyone who has reached a plateau. Dog training should not be about domination, but communication. The latest installment of my “Dog Training 101” series is up, and it’s a...

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Puzzle Pieces – Trends in Education

x This edition of Tech Trend looks at the contributions that the use of technology could have on Nigeria’s education sector. Tablets are becoming very useful in educating young persons and Tech Trend opens up how this can work in Nigeria. For more information log on to Video Rating: /...

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