Author: Lorraine

Vicki Phillips: The Technology Wave Hits Education

x We are seeing students and teachers using technology-enabled tools that make learning more real time, more powerful, and it gives them access to things they wouldn’t have had access to before. Transcript — I think we’re just beginning to realize the power of technology in education actually. And isn’t it interesting that education’s sort of the last profession that technology has transformed. And I think a lot of that is because we can’t just plop down, you know, new tools into an old system and expect that to work. So a lot of where we’re seeing the Internet...

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#3: Creating Trust and Security With Your Students (Back-to-School Countdown)

x Tune into Teaching Channel daily from August 18 – 29 to get a special video blog from Tch’s Teacher Laureate, Sarah Brown Wessling. #3: Creating Trust and Security with Your Students Find the full 10-Day Back-to-School Countdown here: Video Rating: /...

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Amazing Classrooms: Mouse Squad

x “Mouse Squad” is a group of 4th to 8th graders who support their school’s technology needs. These kids maintain and service their school’s computers, gain technical skills, and learn lessons about professionalism and working together. Rounding things out with field trips to nearby Silicon Valley, there’s no question that “geeks are the new cool.” Video Rating: /...

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