Author: Lorraine

I Can – Eye Exercises for Kids – Teachers Resources

x It is very important for kids to exercise their eye muscles on a regular basis in order to prevent their eyes from jumping too much while reading. I call it: We take our eyes to the gym, without having to pay anything. This video has the best effect shown on a big screen. It included a couple of eye exercises and gives some ideas to teacher and mom what they can do as well to make the eye muscles strong. There are also a printable version available for your convenience and to save you loads of time. Link...

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x ++ÅBEN MIG++ KONTAKT MIG PÅ: INFO OM MIG: Alder: 19 år Højde: 1.71 Søskende: 3 Forældre: Skilt (bor hos min far) SOCIALE MEDIER: Instagram: josefinesimonedahl josefinedahl1 Snapchat: josefinesimone Video Rating: /...

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Teaching English in Korea – Application Process

x 09. Alrighty. I tried to be as factual and non-opinionated/biased as possible. My memory is a little foggy as this was all over a year ago for me.. To sum it all up – I applied through ACLIPSE. ALSO to add – you do NOT need TEFL !!!! **howeverrrrrrr*** your pay depends on your credentials / education level / experience, so it would help you get some extra mulaa I might do a follow up video to talk about training week and stuff once you get to Korea.. let me know if any of you would be interested...

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