Author: Lorraine

10 Teachers You Won’t Believe Are Real

x Teachers are a vital role to the development of children and yet some of the teachers on this list should stay far away from any classroom, so join us as we count 10 teachers you won’t believe are real. WARNING: Spoilers! 10. Teacher Makes fun of Student via Facebook 9. Drunk Teacher 8. Teacher Makes Student Wear Cone of Shame 7. Teacher picks on Deaf Student 6. Teachers Lap Dance 5. Teacher Forces Students to Eat from Floor 4. Teacher Sprays Students 3. Teacher Publishes Erotic Novel with Students 2. Teacher Tapes Student’s Mouth Shut 1. Teacher Feeds...

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Welcome to Catholic Teacher Resources

x Don’t have time to look all over the Internet for Catholic resources for your classroom? We offer teachers time-saving resources like Catholic Games, Mass Plans, Sacramental preparation resources, Grade Level Outcomes and lesson plans. Check our website out at:...

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