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Online MBA Certification Programs – Provided by International MBA Institute™

x In this video, you learn how you can get your MBA Certification in only one hour with our unique and one-of-a-kind MBA Certification Platform for anyone who wants to become an MBA Certified Leader, Manager, Sales, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Business Strategy and Recruitment Professional. International MBA Institute™ reinvented the way for you to get your MBA Certifications, so we offer the world’s simplest, fastest and most cost efficient way to make you a Certified MBA Professional. x Learn more about our online certificate programs at: Have you explored our Certificate Programs yet? These multi-course programs...

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Denied Special Education

x The Right To Education Act 2010 (RTE) guarantees free education for disabled children. The Government is meant to provide a special teacher for children with disabilities as well as specific learning material. However, for partially sighted Rekha Gishbhai this is not the case. Her mother explains how: “She sits on the side of the classroom, nobody pays attention to her. Call to Action: Rekha is not receiving the specialised support she is entitled to. You can help, please call and put pressure on: G.D. Kanani, District Education Officer, Surendranagar District, Gujarat, Tel: +919909970219 VV-Correspondent Neeru Rathod interviews Rekha’s...

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CNN Student News – 04/01/16

x Dozens of global officials attend the Nuclear Security Summit, we examine the latest research into tornadoes, and a Character Study profiles a mentor and coach. Video Rating: / 5 x A heat wave in Southeast Asia, the summiting of Mount Everest, and the underwater cable system that connects the world are all explored this Friday. Video Rating: /...

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