Author: Lorraine

Making Sense of Density

x Kent Treadgold’s 7th grade science class uses a hands-on project to learn the abstract concept of density. They measure the mass and volume of different cylinders, create their own computerized spreadsheets for data, and enter the formula to calculate density. By the end of the project, they’re able to conclude on their own that density will not change as the shape and size of an object changes, as long as the material it’s made of stays the same. Video Rating: /...

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Talking About Teaching With Jim Knight

x Instructional expert Jim Knight visits Michael Covarrubias to observe a lesson on context clues, discuss the classroom management techniques he is using already, and share some ideas to increase student engagement. Michael and Jim discuss emphasizing effort, getting students attention before asking questions, using response cards, and planning back-up activities. Video Rating: / 5 x Share this video with your colleagues to celebrate and inspire...

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Kick Me: Making Vocabulary Interactive

x Jody McCauley uses address labels to spice up the practice of thinking through analogies. Each student has a worksheet with one part of the analogy that they must match up with a word on another classmates back. Ms. McCauley advises using this activity for pre-teaching or review. The general principle of the activity can be adapted to any topic. x Digital Literacy in the Classroom: Students learn how to become proactive digital citizens. For local listings, go to...

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