Author: Lorraine

Informations Systems: Is It Worth It?

x What are careers in information system? How to get a job in information systems? What’s the difference between computer science & information systems? How to get an internship in information technology? What’s the best certification to get for information systems? 00:47 How is the pay? 01:55 Do you make more than your friends? 03:30 Should someone get certifications first before working? 04:40 What’s the first certification you should get? 06:00 Difference between Information Systems (IS) and Computer Science (CS)? 08:40 Do either of you guys regret switching from CS to IS? 09:50 Was working at Geek Squad an...

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A Little Advice: TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) Program

x This is a topic that I find to be important, as it is to do with well-being and maintaining a healthy mental state. The TaLK app process is LOOOOONG (for most people) so I hope that this helps at least one person, because I sure could have used something like this during the tedious and gruesome process that was the TaLK Program application. Enjoy my lovely cyber companions. Stay Safe and Be Good. Video Rating: / 5 x Live and teach in the United States with the VIF Program. Full-time, regular teaching positions are available now! Video Rating:...

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