Choosing between a Regionally or Nationally Accredited School for Online Degree

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1. Many of the online degree programs available are not accredited.
2. Accreditation confers some level of credibility on the program.
3. Online courses can be found by making a generic search on any search engine.
4. All you need to become part of an online program is to enroll and pay the necessary fees.
5. It is a waste of money to obtain an online degree if it would not be accepted anywhere.
6. Regionally accredited schools run broad programs.
7. Internationally accredited schools limit their programs to specific and often specialized topics.
8. Credit transfer is not allowed from internationally accredited schools to regionally accredited schools.
9. It is wise to check the accreditation status of any school before enrolment.
10. Regional certification depends on and varies with geographical location.

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