Colleges are expelling students in need to mental health care to avoid “bad PR.” Grace and Hasan break down the stigma against mental illness.

“Over the course of a six-month investigation, reporter Ronan Farrow spoke to 22 students at 10 schools across the country who were forced to leave campus after seeking mental health resources on campus. 

“I was just scratching myself really,” Jasmine Wooten, a former University of Chicago student told the outlet. She recalled how she had been on the cross-country team and took humanities courses when she was a the college. Though she had developed depression, Wooten said she never thought about killing herself, which is why she was surprised when a school counselor — whom she visited for help — admitted her to a psychiatric hospital for two weeks.

During the segment, four other students told similar stories of being strapped to gurneys and taken to the hospital against their will.

Wooten told Today that when she returned, the university’s administrators told her she had to leave campus. “They just handed me this contract saying I had to move all of my stuff outside of my dorm in 48 hours,” said Wooten. “And they just kept pressuring me to sign it.”“

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