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CPA Reviewed #62: CPA Exam Q&A - October 15, 2015

CPA Exam Questions & Answers
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Christina – When will the updated 2017 CPA Review materials be posted?

Greg – I just finished up my educational requirements to sit for the exam but have to wait to get all my transcripts, NTS, etc.. This will certainly delay my scheduling of the first exam. I’m interested in going ahead and purchasing the 10 point combo for FAR. My question is, can I delay the start time for the MCQ? I do not want to purchase and then have my 3 months run out right before my scheduled exam.

Mike – With it being towards the end of 2015, when would the best time be to purchase NINJA info for 2016. I suppose I just don’t want to waste cash money on something that will be out of date here January 1st.

Liana –
I am only studying with your materials. I was reading your survival guide that explains how we should study, but I’m a little confused. I have no videos (I take it this is from other materials?) and for FAR I have 6 booklets and the audio. Should I read all of the booklets first and take notes? Or should I read one, do some questions, read another, etc. The audio isn’t broken out like the books are so do I do that after everything or during? I’ve already taken this exam once (and bombed it!) so I’m really trying to make sure I get it right this time. Any insight you can provide would be helpful.

Forrest – When using the NINJA method, how much time do you recommend for the “A”- All comes together portion? Considering it is your final review before the exam.

Angel – I am about to start studying as of the moment. What do you suggest that I should buy? I will take all 4 exams this May 2016. and I plan to pass all 4 with one take only.

Alex – Hey Jeff, stumbled upon your tools last week and have really appreciated them. Took BEC today and don’t think I did well, but only had a week with your stuff. Definitely helped me out though. Now I’m studying for AUD and need some clarification on how to use your tools. Should I just dive in, and answer questions until my eyes bleed to get through the assessment and review stages? Would that be what you recommend for taking the tests? Or should I prep through my Wiley books, take notes, and then start answering MCQs in a few weeks?

Heidi – Hi there – Hope all is well. I’m considering purchasing the REG notes and test banks. Since I’ll be taking the rest in November 2015 (next month), I want to understand if the notes incorporates all the 2015 updates that will show up on the exam. Also, does the MCQs include simulations or just multiple choice questions? Thanks.

Liz –
When do the 2016 materials become available? I am just embarking on this journey and believe I have some other classes to take to get my hours up but I wonder when the 2016 materials will be available.

Thanks for all you have provided thus far!

Pat – Prior to hitting review phase I attained 100% on all mcq’s. Now the progress bar does not seem to be advancing. How does the review phase work? Questions repeat too frequently and the new questions function is no longer available – what is the best strategy for going back through mcq’s between now and exam? I do not sit till the 30th due to scheduling limitations at prometric.
Should I do larger question sets? timed? I want to make sure I get through all again before exam and know how I am now trending.