Technology Enhanced Learning: A Transatlantic Perspective
Devlin Daley, Instructure

In recent years we have seen fundamental shifts in the way higher education is being delivered, many of which have technological advancements at their core. Competency based education, MOOCs, Mobile Analytics and Open Education are having a significant impact on the way universities operate, and are shaping the landscape of teaching with technology in the future. In this presentation Devlin Daley, co-founder of Instructure, whose innovative virtual learning environment ‘Canvas’ is soon to be implemented at the University of Birmingham, examines some of the ways that technology is helping to redefine higher education, with a particular emphasis on current trends in the United States.


2013 marked the 10th anniversary of the annual Teaching and Learning Conference at the University of Birmingham which was held over two days, Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 June 2013. It was primarily located in the newly refurbished Learning Centre, with keynote addresses occurring in Haworth 101 and Mechanical Engineering G31.

The event explored tangible outputs from the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) theme and the implementation of a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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