Educational Technology Resources Screencast - Edu210

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*The presentation on Microsoft OneNote had errors while uploading and so I am posting my comments below.

“Microsoft OneNote is a great resource since it allows for flawless notetaking. Some of the many features includes:
It allows you to click and type anywhere on the page
it’s synced between your computers/devices
formatting is simple
allows you to drag images or media from other sources onto the page (including full powerpoint presentations!)
If you are copying text from an online resource, it’ll even include the hyperlink of where you found the information helping you to use that resource later or to remember where you got the information for proper citation.

I’ve used this for two years and already it’s vastly helped me in taking notes and structuring information. Currently i’m using it for an essay where i have the title of the essay as a folder in my workbook entitled: fall semester 2013. I have about 15 pages which include body paragraphs that i’m working to develop, resources and references from online journals and stray thoughts about what might aid my presentation, or how i might want to structure it. For students, this is an invaluable tool that simply can’t compare to note taking by hand or by most other word processing utilities.