BridgeTEFL’s English Language Teaching In Action is a comprehensive 5-DVD set packed with 70 videos on essential topics in English language instruction. With lively games, fail-proof lessons, insightful classroom management tips, and much more, this collection has everything you need to make your teaching more effective!

Contents of Disc 5: Pronunciation and Teaching Techniques

1. Teaching Sentence Stress with Jazz Chants
2. Teaching Word Stress with a Stress Maze
3. Practicing Vowel to Vowel Linking
4. Teaching Pronunciation: Word Stress
5. Using Poems to Teach Sentence Stress

Teaching Techniques
1. How to Deal with Disruptive Students
2. Tips for Remembering Students’ Names
3. Breaking Bad Teaching Habits
4. Effective Error Correction Techniques
5. Tips for Identifying Lesson Aims
6. Do’s and Dont’s for Giving Instructions
7. Checking Understanding with Informal Testing
8. Dealing with Late Students
9. Establishing Classroom Routines
8. Using Crossword Puzzles for Vocabulary Practice