In the October SpEAC 2015 meeting, the first meeting of that year, a private citizen made a motion from public comment to remove the Chair and Co-Chair of the committee. Later during that meeting members discussed that motion and mentioned their discomfort last year at meetings and with remarks allegedly from public comment, blogs and other unnamed sources. They did not offer any explanation as to why these remarks and community discussions of committee work would be the responsibility of the incoming Chair. They also never offered any specific remarks or any evidence or specific quotes of the same. They mentioned a general discomfort that caused them to be upset therefore they felt the Chair and Co-Chair should step down. They did not explain why the actions from the previous year of these unnamed individuals were the responsibility of the incoming Chair and Vice Chair.

In this short video from November 2, 2015, SPEAC members appear to have a new reason for feeling the Chair and Vice Chair should be removed. They now discuss their personal feelings about a judicial review of FCCPS School Board policy that was initiated by individuals as private citizens who happened to hold positions as SPEAC leadership. The chair and vice chair of the committee, as concerned parents of disabled children acted as constituents of the elected school board, and private citizens, in order to defend the rights of students with disabilities, and the rights of parents to be heard, unedited, in accordance with Virginia open public meeting laws; and for the minutes of school board advisory committee meetings to be posted for public viewing without tampering or cleansing. Because these committee members disagree with these private actions taken, they disrupt committee work and take up limited committee time to endeavor to remove the leadership without provocation. School Board Vice Chair John Lawrence, the self-appointed liaison from the School Board to SPEAC, makes no attempt to redirect the disruptive members back to the task mandated by the Virginia Department of Education to identify unmet needs of students with disabilities in FCCPS. It was later revealed through FOIA’d emails that he essentially recruited and organized these members to put forth a motion to have leadership removed in retaliation for their actions as private citizens.

Several of these SpEAC members who participated in this disruptive behavior have been allowed to reapply and currently sit on the SpEAC committee for FCCPS.