FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS ONLINE- How to Become a Professional Consultant

Our online Live Webinar Classes and Self-Study Feng Shui Certificate Programs in Advanced Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design is now available and it can be purchased and viewed remotely 24/7 by students all over the world at their time convenience. In this program you will learn how to Feng Shui, all the Feng Shui rules, the Dos and Don’ts of Feng Shui, distinguish between authentic Feng Shui and myths and obtain a Certificate when completed. Feng Shui Mastery Certification Program is also available after completing this foundation course.

For more info go to
www.FengShuiTrainingCenter.com or www.FengShuiArch.com

This program is ideal for designers and architects and other professionals in the design field. It is also open to Feng Shui enthusiasts, although we recommend some background in floor plan reading, designing, drafting and planning.

“Thank you so much for offering your amazing online program. I have enjoyed it tremendously. I have always wanted to learn authentic, professional Feng Shui and I am so happy to have study it with you. I will cherish this information forever. Thank you!”
—B. T., Interior Designer, Costa Mesa, CA

“The program was great and covered even more than I expected. There was so much information that will serve me well in dealing with my clients. Very glad I joined! Thank you.”
—L. C., Interior Designer, Studio City, CA

“Thank you one more time for the wonderful experience!
Your course was amazing, and really did clear all those questions that I had after reading “Garden variety” books on Feng Shui. I loved how logically, with historical references, were you explaining a complex theory.”
— K.B., K.B. Design, ASID, Colorado

“I loved Dr. Mainini’s class at UCLA so much that I knew I needed to continue studying with her. I was a bit hesitant because I’d never taken a class online, and couldn’t possibly imagine that it would be as good as it was in person. I’m happy to report that it was every bit as good as being there in person, in fact, even better, because there were fewer distractions. The material covered in weeks 7-12 of her curriculum is rather intense, and requires sharp focus and concentration. Being at home on my own computer turned out to be easy, relaxing, and interactive in a way that I couldn’t anticipate. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.”
— R. C., R. C. Design, West Hollywood, CA

“Dear Simona… Your class was highly professional. I valued it greatly and continue to do so. It was also a total pleasure and a lot of fun and, for me, wonderful to learn from someone who has done such deep work and contemplation in her chosen field and now shares her expertise with those of us who thirst for this ancient knowledge. I also wanted to tell you that I feel quite fortunate to have found you as a teacher, for I first looked into Feng Shui about 15 years ago and have continued to do so on and off over the years. What I found out myself did not sit well with me as ‘authentic teachings,’ and so I went on with other things. But your approach is absolutely what I was looking for. Thank you for teaching this knowledge!”
—S. O., Architect, N.Y., N.Y.

“I have really enjoyed the class. I’ve wanted to get an accurate understanding of Feng Shui for a long time. Thank you!”
—E. O., Interior Designer, Santa Barbara, CA

“I want to say how much I love the Feng Shui for Architecture class. Your approach, which is much more professional and practical than most Feng Shui books I have read, suits me perfectly. I looked on my bookshelf after class the other night and noticed that I have 6 Feng Shui books, 8 books on Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements, and 3 books on Vastu. Finally, I feel very fortunate that I have found you as teacher!”
—T. B., Civil Engineer, Davis, CA

“Dr. Mainini …I love your class! It is exactly what I was looking for and totally up my alley.”
—C.S., Interior Designer, West Hollywood, CA

“I am so glad that I signed up for your class. It is by far more comprehensive than I had even expected. It is perfect for my interior design profession. Thank you.”
—L.H.H., Interior Designer, Connecticut

“Thank you so much for an amazing learning experience. Working the formulas is fun, like completing a sudoku puzzle, and interpreting the information is challenging, yet very rewarding. Your insights are amazing, and one can understand how masters work a lifetime to learn the art of Feng Shui.”
-P.R., Encino, CA

“Dr.Simona, great class! And now I still want more. I am looking forward to more Advanced and case study sessions.”
– G.R., Green Bay, WI

“Thank you for your willingness to guide us through the analysis of sites and buildings. I am very excited to learn from you in person. Again, thank you for opening the energy of Feng Shui for me.”
-F.L.W., Boulder, CO
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