How I made a teacher planner + DIY Planning and Planner Notebook inspired by Erin Condren

This video planner tour/flip-through is another planBOOK – this time it’s one that I did for myself to be my teacher planner! (I am a high school visual art + design teacher and department head at a private school.

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I’m a masters-level teacher and have previously taught high school and middle school for more than a decade. I also worked in the area of teacher leadership and training and doing specialized educational design of curriculum, teaching tools, and assessment design.

I’m especially good at connecting with kids and their families by explaining tough topics – whether they are academically rooted or otherwise for the matter of easier dinner conversation and family connections.

Even more than the previous is that I love sharing all of the interesting experiences I have enjoyed in my life and I like using these things to help springboard people into places and directions that they have always dreamed of going – but maybe haven’t had the support to do for any number of reasons.

I serve online and locally (in the Washington DC area) as an academic trainer, coach, mentor and higher learning teacher, advocate, and consultant for lifelong learners of all sorts.

I am available for 1:1 services, large groups/workshops, personal and business consultations, advocacy, and speaking engagements so long as my schedule as a working mom allows.

Thank you for watching my videos!!!!

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In this video, I show you how I prepped my Teacher Planner for the month of January. I walk through setting up my monthly spread, currently page, and the first week. Even if you don’t have a teacher planner, you will find tips and tricks that help in your every day planning!

PS. I apologize for the lighting. I apparently filmed this at a bad time of day and the lighting drastically decreased as it went on!

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