Would you like to see how we made ,637 during my first 28 days teaching on Thinkific? Will you take the complete course at http://u.jerrybanfield.com/courses/thinkific or watch this live video for a summary and answers to questions? I hope this video answers question like “What is the best website to self-host your own online video courses?” After years of hosting my courses on websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Stackskills, Curious, Skillsuccess, Amazon Video Direct for Amazon Prime customers, and Teachable, I finally made the switch to Thinkific because I wanted the very best hosting I could find for my courses which gave me complete control over my school.

On Udemy, it took me over a year to make my first ,000 despite thousands of hours of work and dollars advertising. On Skillshare it took well over a year even with 80 classes to make ,000. On Stackskills making over ,000 required partnering with other instructors to teach technical courses on Linux and information technology security. On Curious I still have not made over ,000 even though my Curious account went up in 2014! Skillsuccess might pay out over ,000 at this rate in 5 years. With Amazon Video Direct, even though hundreds of thousands of minutes have been watched by Amazon Prime customers, I still have not even earned ,000 in over six months! To make ,000 on Teachable took about six months but the interface was a nightmare and improvements continue to come slowly.

With Thinkific, it took less than four weeks and just simple promotion on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/jerrybanfield to make over ,000 in sales with about a hundred subscribers at a month! The Thinkific system for hosting courses is so amazing I have again pivoted my business to focus primarily on creating value here and exporting it to other websites if I have time.

When you take this course at http://u.jerrybanfield.com/courses/thinkific you will see inside exactly what I did during my first month on Thinkific in a vlog style class following along my progress. If you have not signed up yet for Thinkific, would you use my link at https://www.thinkific.com?sa=f2d3845c3c because Thinkific will give us both a credit toward a paid plan when you do! Given that I am on the advanced plan which costs over ,000 a year, I really appreciate any reductions in the bill for 2018!

What I hope you get out of this course is motivation combined with practical tips to launch and scale your own school using Thinkific! Thank you very much for reading this!

Will you enroll in the course now at http://u.jerrybanfield.com/courses/thinkific because I think you will enjoy it?

Thank you for giving me the chance to be of service to you today and I welcome any questions you have! During the live video, you are welcome to make comments and I will try to answer as many as possible after I go through the initial presentation. If you have comments after the video has finished being live, would you please sign up at https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield and comment on one of my posts there because I currently am able to read and respond to most every comment on Steemit!


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